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Caciocavallo silano 200gr

Caciocavallo is a cow’s milk pasta filata cheese. Its processing and seasoning provide the palate with two different and continuous pleasures: at the first taste, you can feel the sweetness of whole cow’s milk; slowly, you feel that slightly spicy aftertaste, taking on all the aromas and scents of milk.

The seasoning takes place by hanging the forms, tied in pairs to a rope, on the “horse” of an axis or a beam, a custom that gave rise to the name of the cheese.

Podolico caciocavallo is characterized by a rather compact, elastic straw-yellow texture with little holes. Over time, the dough becomes more and more hard and with layers that peel off.

Our product comes from Basilicata, a land of traditional caciocavallo and which has obtained numerous international awards for the quality of its dairy products.

About this product:

The product will be put under vacuum to guarantee freshness over time.
Each quantity purchased is equivalent to 100 grams of product. Weight fluctuations will always be in the customer’s favor.


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