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Rolled bacon 100gr

The product comes from Irpinia, a land of ancient tradition in the production of sausages and cheeses.

The bacon is produced from pigs on hilly pastures, far from urban settlements and fed with natural feed. For these reasons, lard and meat make up a unique mix of flavors and aromas.

It can be taken as a companatico, accompanied by aged cheeses, or to season dishes, such as pasta, potatoes and bacon, pasta with asparagus and bacon, carbonara pasta (it is an excellent surrogate for guanciale) and other recipes easy to find on the web and for which you need to give a strong flavor.

About this product:

The product will be put under vacuum to guarantee freshness over time.
Each quantity purchased is equivalent to 100 grams of product. Weight fluctuations will always be in the customer’s favor.

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