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The buffalo-milk mozzarella
produced in

Diva Gourmande represents an elite dairy production brand of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana in Brussels.
Its peculiarity lies in the position: it is located, in fact, at the premises of GODO , Bistrot Pizzeria Italiana, in Rue d’Arlon, in the center of the European Quarter and a few steps from the European Parliament.
By visiting GODO  you will be able to admire a dairy-laboratory where the production takes place. 
The decorations with Vietri ceramics, the exclusive raw materials and the skilful craftsmanship of the cheesemaker, want to give both Italians in Brussels and all guests a unique experience that will bring theme back to the splendid atmospheres of Southern Italy.


The concept

Why is it so difficult to find a good buffalo-milk mozzarella abroad?

The answer lies in the concept of quality. The quality of a food product depends on 3 things: the ingredients, the production process and the methods of consumption. Mozzarella, you know, hates the cold. Thus, while using the best buffalo milk and the utmost professionalism in the production phase, a buffalo mozzarella produced in its “homeland” Battipaglia (Italy) is eaten, at best, after 3 days from production. At that point, the quality is gone.

Our idea starts right here: divide the production process into two parts: in Italy we produce the curd (semi-finished); in Brussels, the mozzarella. The final result is a product which is slightly more compact but which presents great taste, consistency and wholesomeness.