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Primitivo Barocco Reale Cantina Vecchia Torre IGP (2013) 750ml

Vecchia Torre is a Salento winery with half a century of history.

The Barocco Reale is a Primitivo PGI Salento Rosso and is obtained 100% from the best bunches of grapes of the Primitivo grape, bred according to the sapling and spurred cordon system.

The must is fermented for 10/15 days in steel tanks to then pass it in French oak barriques, where it will remain for about 12 months. A fermentation of at least 4 years is necessary to give the wine strength and softness.

At the glass it is dark purple red. The aromas are intense with hints of well-ripened red fruits. The taste is warm, robust and slightly soft.

The Royal Baroque is indicated to accompany roasted red meats, game and aged cheeses.

About this product:

Color: ruby red with garnet reflections.
Bouquet: broad, fragrant, intense, soft, fruity and spicy, with hints of smoked, black cherry, cinnamon, berries, red fruits, raspberry, plum and spices.
Taste: enveloping, elegant, intense, soft, fruity and with delicate tannins and pleasant tannins.

Producer: Cantina Vecchia Torre

Denomination: Salento IGT
Geographical area: Puglia, Italy
Grape variety / Blend: Primitivo
Alcohol content: 14.5%
Other notes: barricaded.

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