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Salice Salentino Cantina Vecchia Torre DOP (2015) 750ml

Vecchia Torre is a Salento winery with half a century of history.

Salice Salentino DOP is a soft and velvety red with a persistent taste and it is 90% made from Negroamaro grapes with the addition, for the remaining part, of Malvasia.

Fermentation takes place initially in steel containers and then rests in oak barriques. At the end of the process, the wine becomes more structured and full-bodied and on the palate it has light spicy notes.

It is an ideal wine for grilling and delicate meats.

About this product:

Color: deep ruby red, with light garnet hues.
Bouquet: vinous, with hints of small red fruits.
Taste: full, warm, velvety with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.
Serving temperature: 18 ° C.
Pairings: recommended to accompany dry pasta, roasted meats, lamb and kid in the oven, medium-aged spicy cheeses.

Producer: Cantina Vecchia Torre

Denomination: Salice Salentino DOP
Geographical area: Puglia, Italy
Grape variety / Blend: Negramaro 90%; Black Malvasia 10%
Alcohol content: 13.5%
Other notes: barricaded.

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